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EBC High Carbon Blade Brake Discs are a brand new performance disc, perfect for fast road and track day use. These high performance discs feature a High Carbon/High Silicone content, cast Iron rotor which is now used in many high end cars as standard OEM fitment.

The key benefit of fitting these discs is as follows:

  • Reduction of braking noise by dampening rotor vibration
  • Brake judder reduction by low temperatures during performance driving
  • Eliminating possible disc fracture and cracking during performance driving

The Blade (BSD) series discs have a higher silicone content, this allows for a performance brake rotor which is unbeaten in terms of performing under high braking load and temperatures. These brakes will be available alongside their counterparts, Ultimax and BSD Turbo Groove series rotors.

The BSD Blade series requires a minimum of 500 miles for their bed in period under urban conditions. During this period, light braking will extend the life of the performance of your new brake rotors.

We advise that you use these rotors with high performance EBC Yellowstuff Pads for road use.

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