Goodridge Hoses

Goodridge, founded in 1969 is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of performance steel hoses for automotive and motorcycle braking and clutch lines. Starting from a small single seat racing team in Canada, they have become globally recognized as one of the worlds most popular companies for quality fluid transfer products.

Constructed from steel outer braided PTFE lines, fitting Goodridge hoses to your vehicles braking system will dramatically increase braking and clutch responsiveness by reducing hose expansion when under load and not perish over time such as what OEM rubber will do as it ages.

This is very useful for both road & track conditions as you will not have to work the brakes as hard to bring the vehicle to a slower speed or standstill.

All Goodridge Stainless Steel hoses are now available as OEM Black as standard, however we can offer many colour options as well as clear to view the hose braiding. All Zinc plates lines come with a clear coat PTFE outer edge as standard however colour options are available too.

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