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Ultimax Brake Pads - EBC Brake Shop

Ultimax Brake Pads

OEM quality replacement brake pads, the Ultimax series offers reliable and repeatable braking performance...

Greenstuff Brake Pads - EBC Brake Shop

Greenstuff Brake Pads

Perfect for lightweight vehicles and hot hatches. Up to 15% improvement in braking to original pads...

Redstuff Brake Pads - EBC Brake Shop

Redstuff Brake Pads

The Redstuff is EBC's flagship street use pad. Low dust compound with minimal brake rotor wear...

Yellowstuff Brake Pads - EBC Brake Shop

Yellowstuff Brake Pads

High performance brake pads for both street and track use. High friction from cold for improved braking...

Bluestuff Intermediate Grade Trackday Pads - EBC Brake Shop

Bluestuff Intermediate Grade Trackday Pads

High friction trackday and street use pad. Deep cut Vee grooves offer cooling and dust removal...

Orangestuff Full Race Pads - EBC Brake Shop

Orangestuff Full Race Pads

Ultra high performance and high friction race use pad. Not R90 approved for road use...

Pad & Disc Kits - EBC Brake Shop

Pad & Disc Kits

Refresh your braking system all in one. Full R90 road approved kits...

Aftermarket Caliper Brake Pads - EBC Brake Shop

Aftermarket Caliper Brake Pads

Perfect street and trackday pads for big brake kits and aftermarket calipers...

Extra Duty Light Truck, Jeep and SUV Brake Pads - EBC Brake Shop

Extra Duty Light Truck, Jeep and SUV Brake Pads

Original upgrade, hard wearing, deep Vee groove pads perfectly suited for 4x4's and towing...

Premium Brake Rotors - EBC Brake Shop

Premium Brake Rotors

OE quality replacement disc manufactured from cast iron...

USR Slotted Rotors - EBC Brake Shop

USR Slotted Rotors

The USR series offers high performance sports braking with minimal air noise from the slots...

GD Sport Rotors - EBC Brake Shop

GD Sport Rotors

The renowned cast iron Turbogroove (GD) series discs offer superior braking performancing...

Floating Discs - EBC Brake Shop

Floating Discs

Fully floating rotors using stainless-steel drive bobbins, minimising rotor stress under even the most severe braking

High Carbon Brake Discs - EBC Brake Shop

High Carbon Brake Discs

High carbon and silicon content brake discs offer great resistance to distortion and cracking under heavy use...

Brake Lines - EBC Brake Shop

EBC Brake Lines

EBC Brakes’ range of UK manufactured high performance braided steel brake lines are 100% pressure tested.

Brake Shoes - EBC Brake Shop

Brake Shoes

OEM quality direct replacement brake shoes for vehicles using brake drums on the rear...

Brake Drums - EBC Brake Shop

Brake Drums

OEM quality direct replacement brake drums...

Brake Fluids - EBC Brake Shop

Brake Fluids

EBC can offer brake fluid in both road and race use variants...

Brake Caliper Lube - EBC Brake Shop

Brake Caliper Lube

Installing your pads at home? EBC can offer sachets of grease to help with this task...

EBC Track Pack - EBC Brake Shop

Track Pack

The Track Pack is the perfect solution for you to monitor your brake temperatures...

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