Stop your Fiesta ST faster with EBC Brakes!!

Stop your Fiesta ST faster with EBC Brakes!!

Posted on 03. Dec, 2010 by in News

When it comes to stopping the Fiesta ST with standard brake pads you will probably agree it leaves alot to be desired, especially under heavy braking.

As a Fiesta ST owner myself i have had to change the brake pads and discs to be able to withstand my “spirited” driving. I upgraded to Turbogroove discs front and rear with Greenstuff Brake pads. This set up was a definite improvement on the standard Fiesta ST brake pads. With shorter stopping distances and less brake dust its all you ask for when upgrading your brakes.

Even though i fitted the Greenstuff pads and got a better braking result,  under repeated heavy braking and B-road  thrashes i felt i needed  brake pads that works better under hotter temperatures.

So i upgraded to Redstuff pads and have not looked back since, the Redstuff pads stop my Fiesta ST on the button and works well under normal town driving or B-road “stig” like driving.  I was happy just with the braking performance but the Redstuff Pads give off less dust keeping my  alloys sparkling for longer.

I would definately recommend the Redstuff/Turbogroove combination as i have had these now for 6 months and the performance levels have not dropped once.

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