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The EBC Redstuff Brake Pads are the next upgrade from Greenstuff brake pads. The Redstuff pads are better suited for fast road driving and cars that are above 200bhp. So these are a must for Prestige cars such as Audi's, BMW's, Mercedes or for performance vehicles such as the BMW M3 and Subaru Impreza that are Turbo charged or have 4 Wheel drive. They are not recommended for small or light weight vehicles.

One of the advantages of having the Redstuff pads is that they give off the least amount of brake dust than its competitors and the rest of the EBC brake pad range. The Redstuff brake pad has been tested at the UK Motor Industries Research Association (MIRA), in tests the Redstuff brake pads has reduced car stopping distance in by almost 50 feet from 100 MPH offering a staggering 30% brake improvement.

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