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EBC Bluestuff NDX Brake Pads

    EBC's Bluestuff pads are designed as a track day pad that is fully road legal. These pads offer a unique advantage, allowing drivers to seamlessly transition between track and road use. As a result, drivers can enjoy the flexibility of using the same pads for both purposes, eliminating the need to spend valuable track time bedding in new brake pads.

Why Choose EBC Bluestuff NDX Pads?

Bluestuff NDX pads are a perfect entry-level race pad that is R90 approved for almost every application. Its short bed in time is a great choice for track days.

The Bluestuff material offers unparalleled performance, capable of withstanding rotor temperatures ranging from 0-550°C (Ambient - 1000°F). It has gained recognition and praise from various spec series cup car racing groups in Europe.

The NDX pad material is securely bonded to the steel backing plates using the patented NUCAP NRS hook system. This innovative system significantly enhances shear and bond strength, reducing the risk of pad to plate separation. To further optimize track performance, the pads undergo baking and grinding processes, and they feature high-volume Vee grooves designed to effectively capture a larger number of debris encountered during track use.

Quicker bedding in times

EBC Bluestuff brake pads undergo a heat scorching process, which aids in reducing the initial bedding time. However, it is crucial to exercise caution, especially when driving on highways or using them with partially worn rotors. To ensure optimal performance and safety, it is recommended to follow these steps:

  • During the first 200 miles of use, apply the brakes gently.
  • Gradually increase the braking force, but only in a safe road environment.
  • Continue this gradual approach until you feel completely confident in the brake pads' performance.
  • Evaluate their stopping distances in various traffic conditions to assess their effectiveness thoroughly.

Please keep in mind that the success of the bedding-in process depends on your efforts. If you experience brake fade a few times or notice a slight brake odor, there's no need to worry; this is entirely normal. After achieving the proper bedding-in, allowing the brakes to cool will result in significant improvements in their performance.

EBC uses various methods for surface scorching pads, and among them, they have opted for an infra-red lamp tunnel for preparing the surface of their pad ranges. This includes scorching all pads, including the Bluestuff NDX range.

Excellent entry-level race pad

The Bluestuff NDX is an excellent entry-level race pad with a remarkable 0.52 Mu compound. It holds the R90 approval for nearly all applications, making it a versatile choice. Whether it's turn-up events or race track competitions, this pad stands out due to its quick bed-in time and above-average lifespan. Notably, it has been the preferred compound for the BMW cup series over multiple seasons.

For lighter cars, a recommended setup involves using the B version on the rear axles, which offers slightly lower friction, and combining it with the NDX on the front. This combination can potentially provide a better brake balance, enhancing overall performance and control.

For longer races see the EBC RP-1, RP-X, or SR ranges.

Superb price point and great quality.

Don’t judge the product by the price, these quality brake pads will stop your vehicle as good as any original equipment brake pads and faster than most replacement aftermarket pads.

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Be sure to look out for the Ultimax pad and disc kits and save even more money by including the discs.

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