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EBC Pad and Disc Kits

    The EBC Pad & Disc Kit (PDK) is the perfect choice for upgrading your vehicle's brakes and are completely matched for any on-the-road need. We highly recommend that when brake discs are changed, the pads are too – This will prevent premature wear of both the discs & pads.

    All our Pad & Disc Kits are matched together by need, whether it's Ultimax Pads & Precision Rotors for day-to-day use or Yellowstuff Pads & Turbo Grooved Discs for fast road & trackday applications.

Why Choose EBC Pad & Disc Kits?

Complete Axle Sets: Our kits are thoughtfully designed to cover your entire axle – front, rear, or even the entire vehicle. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for individual components; we've got you covered.

Exceptional Value: Save up to 15% compared to buying brake pads and discs separately. With the EBC Pad & Disc Kit, you're not only upgrading your brakes but also your savings.

Enhanced Performance: When it's time to replace your brake discs, it's a smart move to replace your brake pads simultaneously. This ensures an optimal bedding-in process, leading to superior braking performance and longevity.

Tailored Options: With a diverse range of 22 options, you can find the perfect combination for your driving needs. From everyday replacements to high-performance upgrades, we have options like the Yellowstuff pads and Turbogroove discs for optimal road performance, or the Redstuff pads and plain discs for reduced brake dust.

Upgrade your driving experience today with the EBC Pad & Disc Kit. Embrace safety, performance, and value like never before. Don't settle for less – choose EBC and elevate your braking game. Browse the EBC range and take the first step towards a safer and exhilarating journey on the road.

Superb price point and great quality.

Don’t judge the product by the price, these quality brake pads will stop your vehicle as good as any original equipment brake pads and faster than most replacement aftermarket pads.

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Be sure to look out for the Ultimax pad and disc kits and save even more money by including the discs.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

The team here at EBC Brake Shop are always ready to help, if there is something you are unsure of or would like to know, then please get in contact.

Which Pads Are Available In Pad & Disc Kits?

Ultimax Brake Pads:

Experience reliability like never before with our Ultimax Brake Pads. Ideal for daily drivers, these pads offer a balanced blend of consistent braking performance, reduced noise, and extended pad life. Navigate urban streets with confidence, knowing that your braking power is optimised for everyday situations.

Greenstuff Brake Pads:

Enter the realm of eco-friendly performance with our Greenstuff Brake Pads. Designed for a lighter environmental footprint, these pads offer smooth and quiet braking without compromising on stopping efficiency. Enjoy a harmonious blend of performance and responsible driving.

Redstuff Brake Pads:

For those who demand enhanced stopping power, the Redstuff Brake Pads are the perfect choice. Engineered for performance, these pads deliver impressive bite, shorter stopping distances, and reduced brake dust. Whether you're tackling spirited drives or seeking improved safety, Redstuff has your back.

Yellowstuff Brake Pads:

Unleash the beast within with Yellowstuff Brake Pads – the choice of enthusiasts. Engineered for high-performance driving, these pads provide exceptional stopping power, even in challenging conditions. If you seek track-ready performance without sacrificing street comfort, look no further.

Bluestuff Brake Pads:

Elevate your braking game to the next level with Bluestuff Brake Pads. Engineered for heavy-duty applications, these pads excel in performance and heat management. If you're towing, hauling, or driving a high-powered vehicle, Bluestuff is your dependable companion.

RP-1™ Brake Pads:

Introducing the revolutionary RP-1™ Brake Pads, designed for motorsport and heavy-duty applications. With exceptional thermal stability and fade resistance, these pads are engineered to excel on the track and demanding terrains.

SUV/4x4 Brake Pads:

Tackle the challenges of off-road and SUV driving with our specialised brake pads. Engineered to handle heavier vehicles and diverse terrains, these pads ensure safety, performance, and reliability when you need it most.

EBC Automotive Brake Pads are more than just components – they are precision-engineered solutions for a wide range of driving demands. Whether you prioritise comfort, performance, eco-friendliness, or heavy-duty tasks, our brake pad options have been meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations.

Which Discs Are Available In Pad & Disc Kits?

Plain Discs:

Fantastic value and OE quality, a great replacement option.

Ultimax Discs:

Unleash aggressive looks and performance with the USR Series – perfect for street and light track use.

GD Sport Discs:

Elevate your vehicle's performance with these sport rotors, featuring precision-drilled holes for enhanced cooling and performance.

BSD Discs:

The Blade Sport Discs offer advanced cooling and reduced weight for improved overall braking efficiency.

And More:

Explore our full range to find the perfect match for your driving style and needs.

At EBC Brake Shop we always provide FULL axle sets (driver & passenger side) when retailing brake pads and will never provide single sides. If you would like to view the EBC Redstuff range for your vehicle, simply use the dropdown menu at the top of this page or select your manufacturer below.

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