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EBC Turbo Grooved Discs

    The Turbo Groove Discs have unique wide slots which help cool the discs and brake pads alike, and together with the blind drilled dimples help clear surface gases without affecting the structure of the disc unlike through drilled discs.

    Dirt, dust gases, grit or debris from heavy braking exit the pad braking area through the slots that extend to the outer edge of the disc – a unique feature of the EBC discs. This ensures brakes pads wear flat and parallel throughout their use, in turn improving your braking. Anodised by gold zinc; these discs are also protected from corrosion in the areas not swept by the brake pad.

Why Choose Turbo Grooved Discs?

The dimple-drilled rotor was originally created by EBC in the 1990s and has since been imitated by many due to its remarkable ability to eliminate the need for "Through Drilling" disc or rotor holes. This unique feature effectively prevents the occurrence of rotor cracks. It is a very popular option, and aesthetically is pleasing to the eye.

The EBC units incorporate wide aperture slots that actively draw in cool air beneath the interface between the brake pad and rotor. This design helps to dissipate the excessive heat generated during intense braking, where temperatures at the very core of the brake pad can soar well beyond 1000 degrees. By effectively cooling the pad contact area, it mitigates the risk of brake fade or a reduction in brake performance.

Product Information

The GD discs and the other designs, such as USR slotted, and BSD series offer benefits such as:

  • Enhanced brake cooling.
  • Drilled rotors offer increased resistance to cracking.
  • The fully machined slot pattern extends to the edge of the rotor, effectively expelling water, mud, and debris from the brake area. (Slots that do not reach the rotor edge may trap debris and create a ridge on the outer edge of the rotor).
  • Throughout the wear of the pad and rotor, the slots ensure a consistently flat and smooth pad surface, preventing the formation of ridges on the rotor.

EBC is the only brake supplier prepared to offer a diagnosis and a solution to brake vibration. One in seven cars endures geometry problems during its life affecting the steering, causing brake vibrations. This is not a quality issue, rather than an issue as simple as bumping into a curb or by driving over a pothole.

Superb price point and great quality.

Don’t judge the product by the price, these quality brake pads will stop your vehicle as good as any original equipment brake pads and faster than most replacement aftermarket pads.

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Be sure to look out for the Ultimax pad and disc kits and save even more money by including the discs.

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