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EBC YellowStuff Brake Pads

  • EBC's flagship compound, outselling the other compounds
  • UK Made and high quality.
  • Perfect for fast streetcars, Trucks and SUVs
  • Fully Shimmed & Chamfered construction
  • Fantastic bite from cold and has high fast resistance
  • Reduced stopping distance compared to OE
  • R90 approved, legal for European markets
  • Constructed with NUCAP NRS hooks on back plates

Why Choose EBC Yellowstuff Pads?

A high friction pad that works from cold and self seats on install because of the applied brake-in surface coating.

Perfect for fast road and light track use, capable of handling cars with a range of power and use.

EBC YellowStuff is our bed selling pad and has a brand new compound tweak which is new for 2021, designed where great stopping power is your goal on fast street use on modern sedans and hot hatches as well as being 100% R90 approved.

Reduced brake dust.

Brake dust is always something we get asked about as a retailer which is why we are happy to offer the RedStuff brake pad which gives you the ultimate blend of reduced brake dust yet still delivers great performance.

Less Rotor wear

A pad that brings you less dust will also mean less rotor wear, and is almost guaranteed that your brake discs will last longer and further then if you was using a more abrasive steel fibre compound.

Balanced braking

For the most optimum braking performance EBC RedStuff should be used both front and rear for continued great braking, ensuring a non- bias set up.

Used and loved by the Police

EBC YellowStuff is used in the UK Police force. EBC YellowStuff helps the Police fleet by extending its miles, reducing their fleet costs and allows the police highway cars to driver and longer in blue light emergencies.

R90 approved for European use.

The Majority of EBC part numbers now carry ECE E90 approval. Please contact us if you would like to check if the YellowStuff for your model vehicle has R90 approval at sales@ebcbrakeshop.co.uk

At EBC Brake Shop we always provide FULL axle sets (driver & passenger side) when retailing brake pads and will never provide single sides. If you would like to view the EBC Redstuff range for your vehicle, simply use the dropdown menu at the top of this page or select your manufacturer below.

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