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EBC Ultimax2 Brake Pads

  • Superb for everyday use and urban driving.
  • R90 approved.
  • Instant safe brake after install.
  • Eco friendly material with Zero sulphides.
  • No shims for noise reduction needed.
  • Improved bite from cold.
  • Works in all climates around the world.

Why Choose EBC Ultimax2 Pads?

A simple, quality UK made OE Replacement brake pad. There is no need to look further then the Ultimax2 brake pad from EBC Brakes.

Made in the EBC Brakes UK’s manufacturing plant in Bristol. The Ultimax2 brake pad is a beautifully engineered brake compound that is a great choice for the urban, everyday driver which lasts well and produces minimal brake dust. A quality choice for the value.

The Ultimax2 brake pad is a ZERO steel fibre brake pad making it completely NON Metallic, this creates a cleaner pad and is far less aggressive to your brake rotors.

Ultimax2 has also been given the Grade “N” this is the TOP award given by the USA’s brake rating system. It is an award for its environmentally status.

The Ultimax2 has been developed to replace the original Ultimax compound.

Tested throughout the world, in cold and damp conditions in places such as Northern Europe and Scandinavia, as well as hot and humid temperatures in the Caribbean where brake noise was Zero.

Product Information

Colour coded in Black within the EBC’s Colour range, The EBC Ultimax brake is pad is fully ECE R 90 approved brake pad range. With a lower price point and usually half the price of the original equipment parts yet equivalent by nature of it’s R90 brake safety approval. Ultimax offers great value for money and first-class safety.

High friction pad designed for general replacement.

Designed for everyday use on cars, vans and SUVs (4x4s).

Chamfered, slotted and shimmed, Incorporating EBC’s unique BRAKE-IN Coating for quick brake pad bed-in for a great install. (In Europe only certain part numbers are shimmed, in USA ALL Ultimax brake pads are shimmed)

Superb price point and great quality.

Don’t judge the product by the price, these quality brake pads will stop your vehicle as good as any original equipment brake pads and faster then most replacement aftermarket pads.

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Be sure to look out for the Ultimax pad and disc kits and save even more money by including the discs.

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At EBC Brake Shop we always provide FULL axle sets (driver & passenger side) when retailing brake pads and will never provide single sides. If you would like to view the EBC Redstuff range for your vehicle, simply use the dropdown menu at the top of this page or select your manufacturer below.

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